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The first word revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was Iqra – meaning "Read!"

“Read! In the name of your Lord, Who Has Created; Has Created man from clot. Read! and your Lord is Most Generous.
Who taught by the pen. Who has taught man that which he knew not”

[Al-Quran 96:1 – 5]

Throughout history, the value of education has been universally well-recognized as a fundamental human right. Education not only opens doors of opportunity to a better living standard, it also broadens our views about world affairs and social norms around the world, helping us become more tolerant and law-abiding citizens. Illiteracy is not caused by a lack of intelligence; rather it is often a result of outside factors that can be addressed. Today, a large segment of the world's population - particularly in Muslim countries - does not know how to read or write. As a result, they are unable to achieve their goals in life and reach their full potential in terms of financial stability to support their families.

Hidaya’s Education Program includes the following projects:

Sitara-e-Isaar Awarded to Hidaya Foundation

The partner organization of Hidaya Trust, Hidaya Foundation was awarded Sitara-i-Eisaar (Star of Sacrifice) by the Government of Pakistan, in recognition of the results-oriented relief efforts of both the organizations during the 2005 earthquake in Pakistan. It was awarded during a special ceremony held at the Embassy of Pakistan in Washington, DC.

In Keeping with our commitment to the communities in which Hidaya Trust operates, it hires its work force as an equal opportunity employer.  It means that employment decisions are based on merit and business needs and not on race, color, status in the society, ancestry, sex, age, religion, creed and marital status.