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Medical Assistance
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To date, Hidaya has arranged over 7,500 examinations and/or treatments for poor patients.

Severe economic circumstances result in less attention to personal hygiene in the family, creating various medical problems among the members. Problems are often ignored and can develop severe, long-term health related issues. Furthermore, school going children in impoverished areas catch various diseases, but treatment is often neglected.

Because it is difficult to support each and every medical case, Hidaya has given priority to patients with contagious diseases to protect their families and the community at large from spread of disease.  Patients are provided with access to doctors, lab tests, medicines and follow-up visits.  Additionally poor patients in the localities where Hidaya operates who are suffering from other ailments and illnesses are helped, including patients who need surgeries.

Hospital Assistance

Charitable hospitals, whether run by governments or private sectors, are always in deplorable conditions and cannot keep up with the growing demand of patients. Hidaya collects new and used medical equipment and supplies as well as medicines in the U.S.A., and ships them overseas via our Container Shipment for In-Kind Donations project for use in hospitals and clinics enabling them to provide better service to the poor.

Before giving equipment to hospitals, Hidaya requires the hospital administration to sign a contract agreeing that the equipment being donated:
  • Will be used to treat the poor and in need
  • Will remain as the property of Hidaya
  • Will not be removed from the hospital premises without Hidaya’s permission

Hidaya also provides cash to hospitals for treating patients.

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Sitara-e-Isaar Awarded to Hidaya Foundation

The partner organization of Hidaya Trust, Hidaya Foundation was awarded Sitara-i-Eisaar (Star of Sacrifice) by the Government of Pakistan, in recognition of the results-oriented relief efforts of both the organizations during the 2005 earthquake in Pakistan. It was awarded during a special ceremony held at the Embassy of Pakistan in Washington, DC.

In Keeping with our commitment to the communities in which Hidaya Trust operates, it hires its work force as an equal opportunity employer.  It means that employment decisions are based on merit and business needs and not on race, color, status in the society, ancestry, sex, age, religion, creed and marital status.