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Donate to Help Orphan Children in Need - May 18, 2007
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Hidaya Foundation (
www.hidayatrust.org) has been serving the poorest of the poor in rural areas such as Pakistan since 1999. Hidaya's 'No Orphan without Education Project' has been a source of light to numerous lives. Recently, a Mother came to one of Hidaya's offices in Pakistan to apply for assistance:


Firdoas, a 35 years old widow with only a fifth grade education is trying to support her 6 children. They live in a two-bedroom home, which is unstable because termites have damaged the ceiling/roof significantly. She earns Rs. 2,000 a month ($33) through stitching and embroidery. Her eldest daughter, now seventeen, had stopped going to school once she reached 5th grade. Her second daughter is attending 6th grade, while her 12 year old son, a 7th grader, comes to Hidaya's local office to learn English six days a week. He pulls in additional double duty by selling chick peas (garbanzo beans) in his neighborhood to bring in 2 - 6 Rupees per day, and by working at clinic for four hours in the evening to learn how to give injections. For his work, the clinic pays him 260 Rupees a month ($4.50). Like other boys of his, he wants to save enough money to purchase a bicycle for his daily commute between school and jobs. Firdoas' youngest boy - a 9 year old is brilliant for his age; he was able to solve several math problems beyond his 3rd grade level. (Please click here to read more about Firdoas' family and other similar families that are being supported with your donations.)


Hidaya's No Orphan without Education Project helps widow/orphan families meet their needs and also ensure that the children are given the opportunity to receive an education. It costs $30 - $50 to support an orphan or a widow for one month, or $360 - $600 for one year.

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Hidaya Foundation (
www.hidayatrust.org) is a US based non-profit 501(C)(3) charitable organization, with Tax ID# 77-0502583. Its mission is to implement projects in economically depressed areas of the world.


Sitara-e-Isaar Awarded to Hidaya Foundation

The sister organization of Hidaya Trust, Hidaya Foundation was awarded Sitara-i-Eisaar (Star of Sacrifice) by the Government of Pakistan, in recognition of the results-oriented relief efforts of both the organizations during the 2005 earthquake in Pakistan. It was awarded during a special ceremony held at the Embassy of Pakistan in Washington, DC.

In Keeping with our commitment to the communities in which Hidaya Trust operates, it hires its work force as an equal opportunity employer.  It means that employment decisions are based on merit and business needs and not on race, color, status in the society, ancestry, sex, age, religion, creed and marital status.